3circlesSimplified scripting for analytics

Rather than writing MapReduce code, Wukong provides a simpler experience for Big Data developers

Wukong gives you three Big Data developer superpowers:

Superpower #1 — You can use Ruby for your Big Data applications. That means you can use a familiar programming language to do both Hadoop jobs and Storm-based data streaming applications.

Superpower #2 — Rather than developing and testing everything on your production clusters, you can develop scripts locally on your laptop first.

Superpower #3 — Already heavily invested in Python, R or other languages? Wukong helps you leverage existing code with Big Data.


  • Wukong for Hadoop — The tool for writing Hadoop jobs in Ruby
  • Wukong for Data Flows — A proprietary companion to Cloud::Streams for writing real-time analytics and custom business logic in Ruby
  • Deploy Pack — A code repository for collaborative development of business logic and real-time analytics scripts, and seamless deployment into production data flows


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